Cut the Waist

Cut the Waist

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The philosophy of Cut the Waist is to prevent obesity related ill health through education resources


The videos on this page were filmed as content for a collaborative project between Reading University and Future Learn to develop an obesity online education resource; one of the many available Future Learn MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

I have been rather overwhelmed by the response to these videos and I am very grateful to Reading University to allow me to use these videos, © University of Reading 2014, on the Cut the Website. By posting these videos, I hope that they become more readily available for anyone who might be interested in a GP with a specialist interest obesity medicine's personal viewpoint regarding the causes and consequences of obesity, changing society's perceptions of obesity, improving education of healthcare professionals in obesity medicine, and finally, changing consultations through more enlightened, non-judgemental healthcare professional attitudes.

I hope you find these videos a useful resource and I should be grateful for your help in forwarding the links to these videos to anyone who you think might find them helpful or of interest.

I've included Arthur Frank’s inspiring commentary 'Futility and Avoidance' at the bottom of this page; I hope these videos help to raise the profile of these issues and I should be very pleased if in some way this video content might help to facilitate Arthur Frank's 'call to arms'.

For further information regarding other available Future Learn MOOCs please see

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Meet Dr Andrew Brewster

Causes of Obesity

Consequences of Obesity

Dieting and Comorbidities

Changing Society's Perceptions

Changing Healthcare Consultations

Futility and Avoidance