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Cut the Waist

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The philosophy of Cut the Waist is to prevent obesity related ill health through education resources

Abdominal circumference tape measures

Photo of an abdominal circumference tape measureCut the Waist supplies abdominal tape measures to the NHS and other organisations.

These tape measures contain a spring mechanism which maintains a light constant tension on the tape during measurement. This avoids the tendency to apply different tensions on the tape at different measuring times. The use of a constant tension tape measure is also less likely to be associated with a tendency to hold the abdomen inwards whilst measuring.

The abdominal circumference tape measure has colour coded markings at the significant waist circumference cut off values for males and females. This allows individuals to know exactly where their waist circumference falls in relation to the present recommended guidelines for waist circumference values.

The sale of Cut the Waist abdominal circumference tape measures will facilitate further development of the Cut the Waist website and other essential Cut the Waist tools.

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