Cut the Waist

Cut the Waist

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The philosophy of Cut the Waist is to prevent obesity related ill health through education resources

An introduction to weight management interventions

This section of the website explores various evidence-based interventions which can improve health, either through successful weight loss and waist reduction, or through redistribution of fat away from high-risk sites.

Here you'll find balanced medical information regarding weight loss strategies, ranging from successful lifestyle intervention approaches through to medications, very low calorie diets and weight loss surgery. We hope that this information is useful for those who are considering losing weight to improve health, and also for healthcare professionals who wish to support their own patients in their efforts to lose weight.

First steps

A first step for anyone who wishes to lose weight is to recognise that successful weight loss requires motivation and commitment. It is important to understand that motivation and commitment is required to make each and every one of the various treatment options work. It is also important to appreciate that once someone is truly committed to losing weight, there should be something along the spectrum of interventions which will work. Once a correct approach has been identified for a particular patient it will be effective as long as commitment to losing weight is maintained, and the importance of weight loss is not forgotten, ensuring that desire to lose weight continues to remain a focus.

All of the interventions, ranging from lifestyle approaches to weight loss surgery require significant collaborative working between clinician and patient and ongoing support and monitoring.

It is important for clinicians to make sure that an achievable, realistic weight loss goal has been agreed with the patient. It is also necessary to ensure adequate behaviour change support is provided to make a successful weight management intervention possible.


The BAROMETER expert patient programme is described at the end of this weight management intervention section. BAROMETER is a motivational programme which allows people achieve the most from various weight management approaches by emphasizing the importance of weight loss and inspiring confidence. BAROMETER in essence is "Motivation through Explanation".

BAROMETER may be used as an educational tool to facilitate appropriate lifestyle changes for patients identified as being high-risk following vascular screening. The BAROMETER expert patient programme can also be used as a motivational tool for people who may benefit from adjunctive pharmacotherapy to support weight reduction.