Cut the Waist
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The philosophy of Cut the Waist is to prevent obesity related ill health through education resources

Welcome to Cut the Waist

The importance of measuring waist circumference

'Cut the Waist' was established to promote awareness of the importance of waist circumference in relation to health.

Measuring waist circumference is the most practical and clinically useful way to assess distribution of body fat. It is increasingly recognised that establishing where someone stores excess body fat and specifically targeting interventions towards those who carry their excess weight centrally can help to prevent serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Health improvement through weight management and waist reduction

Along with partner organisations, Cut the Waist is committed to developing comprehensive training programmes for healthcare professionals, promoting the importance of waist circumference measurement as a screening tool.

Cut the Waist is also committed to the development of education programmes for patients to facilitate health improvement through long-term weight management and waist reduction. By promoting the benefits of modest, achievable weight loss and waist reduction in high risk individuals, the chances of developing serious yet preventable health conditions can be significantly reduced.

This website provides easily accessible medical information and resources about waist circumference and weight management for health professionals and Primary Care Trusts. We hope that patients will find much of the information useful too.