Cut the Waist

Cut the Waist

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Motivating behaviour change and weight management in primary care

Patient information booklet:
'Waist Circumference – why you should know your measurement'

This patient information booklet has been designed to provide a useful resource to explain the importance of reducing waist circumference in high risk patients, and in doing so, helps to facilitate health improvement care planning and ‘change plan’ discussions as part of Occupational Health assessments, NHS Health Checks and lifestyle advice interventions.

The topics covered in this A5 booklet include:

  • Introduction – the importance of waist circumference
  • Understanding waist circumference measurements
  • How to measure your waist circumference
  • Are you at risk? What to do next
  • The good news!
  • Can I simply measure my weight instead of my waist circumference?
  • What about liposuction?
  • How to successfully lose weight and 'Cut the Waist!'
  • Useful resources
  • Lifestyle change plan and weight management progress record

The ‘Waist circumference: Why you should know your measurement’ booklet has been developed for use in conjunction with the Cut the Waist abdominal circumference tape measure to support successful waist reduction and weight management through appropriate advice and self-monitoring. The booklet provides an useful guide for people to get the most out of the Cut the Waist website content and functionality.

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